Friday, July 30, 2010

Moms are adorable!

I bought my mother a bike, a Novarra Fusion, equipped with the new super sick Shimano Alfine internally geared rear hub and front generator hub, front and rear disc brakes, the works... Did I make this purchase entirely because of the 2010 Mother's Day MISHAP, that involved a bike tour of coffee at the new Houndstooth Coffee; fantastic mouth watering, hunger slaking brunch at Cherrywood Coffeehouse; and quick pedal back to my domicile to fetch my motor vehicle, so that we could go to Iron Man 2 (eh, fun, but lacked continuity and substance - still love Robert Downey, Jr.) - but having just left our delectable brunch spot, crossing underneath/over I-35 at 38th 1/2, my mother had a "zero mile per hour" bike wrecktumpleoverfaceplantfootgouge that diverted us to St. David's ER for two and a half hours, coming out with eleven stitches on the inside bottom of the arch of her right foot and a cute little triangular scrape on her chin in the shape of a beat poet's goatee??!?!

I must say it was a factor, while hardly my fault - well, that's all I'll say on that. I gave her the bike about two weeks ago, and she was totally thrilled even though she was not entirely healed up enough for a ride, nor was she equipped with a helmet, lock, small multi-tool, and an EXTRA plush padded seat for her, "ample boot-ay," as she says with a deep Memphis drawl (the bike comes complete with front and rear lights). I found this beauty after scouring craigslists far and near and finding a super deal on a basically brand new Fusion from REI here in Austin. I previously was just going to buy the wheelset off of a guy in New York, but I found a complete and fully decked out bike, with a frame that matched my mama's style: comfy, relaxed, but sturdy. I snagged it and even haggled a bit for a price just less than half of what it is priced new (and it was barely three months old, tops!). I took my mother to the Peddler to accessorize, and make some bike shop friends she can go to, other than me ;), you know, since I'm moving to Australia 'n' all..... Point of the story being, she sent me this freaking cute 'mom' picture of her and her steed in front of her building at the Texas DPS:

I love my mom.


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