Wednesday, August 11, 2010

custom painted shoes

A young local artist in the San Marcos area is trying to get his name out. He is currently taking orders for custom painted shoes on the pair of your choosing. You come up with the design or picture and he will do the rest. This artist is still under the radar but his artwork is sure to be worth something someday. You can be a part of a new style and help this local artist get a name for himself. Get them now while they're cheap! The shoes are coated after painting with a sealant to protect the art. He has been doing most of his art on Vans or Van knockoffs but any shoe will likely work. Call or text 512-913-1406 to describe the design and type of shoe you want. You can also send pictures to my email account. Anything from your favorite rapper or sports team to random designs and patterns. You are sure to be satisfied your order.

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