Wednesday, November 3, 2010


last night master puckett had a birthday party. i've seen nearly a decade and a half of these and last night was the best in my memory. growing up with matt, and with family ties to several other families, lent itself to huge parties. add the fact that all of our parents met through music, and you end up with a hootenany, as we say, which is a big group singalong based usually around folk and gospel songs, and some pop that our parents have all grown up with.

matt and i have been attending these our whole lives, and in the past have thrown some pretty good living room concerts, but matt has been working on the idea of compiling a bunch of songs that OUR generation is familiar with, and last night he got a bunch of copies of chords and lyrics printed up and bound for this purpose. the focus was to be on songs that we had personally written that we,as a group, are all marginally familiar with, along with some songs that we have all been listening to together for a long time. i, of course, slacked/have been busy and didnt end up sending anything but a jayhawks song. once at the party, though, i quickly typed up 3 more (two originals and a randy newman tune) that will be in the next songbook.

it was pretty amazing. we all got super drunk and sang through ALL 18 songs in alphabetical order, and then had a 3rd eye blind singalong and people jammed in a more casual format for several hours after. matt had a blast and was surrounded by friends that are all super glad to know him, regardless of whether theyve met only once before or have known him since they were 8.

when becca posted her phone picture this morning, i was quickly reminded of ANOTHER singalong we had several years ago, and revisited katelyns photos, only to discover pictures of even another party with a similar format, with generally all of the same people in all three situations. it's amazing to think that we are building a group of songs that we can all sing when we are in our later years, but it is also amazing to think that these people in these pictures have already created a community based around a collective energy and passion for friends and music.

enjoy this little picture show, and great party matt.

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